A party for Bob Marley

A Party For Bob Marley

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I saw Ziggy and
Damien Marley among other children popping champagne with their father
and toasting to a longer life at a celebration for Bob Marley which held
in Jamaica today. I saw wraps of Jamaican weed being passed round among
the Rastafarians present at the party. I saw Barack Obama on dreadlocks
puffing and bouncing to the left and to the right. Everyone was high
and wild, like intoxicated illegal immigrants who have just been granted
the American green card. Alas!

If my phone didn’t ring I wouldn’t
have known I was only dreaming. It was all just a dream!

Here am I
dreaming of Bob and his kids throwing a wild birthday gig; getting high
on Marijuana and soaking up alcohol; meanwhile it’s already 29
since Bob Marley’s death. Ain’t no party happening anywhere! At least,
not a birthday party; not for Bob Marley. The Reggae god is long gone.
Long. Gone! All of 29 years, and I’m here dreaming of a birthday gig!

But then, that shows us the two sides of a coin; the irony we
all often ignore – the irony of birth and death.

In any part of
the world where the subject of music evocation, activism, peace,
revolution and freedom is being discussed, the service of a Rasta
protégé would be recommended to quickly dash out to the grave side of
the Rasta Prophet Bob Marley. To appease his spirit, chanting the hooks
from his ‘Redemption song’ track, swindling his dreadlocks, jumping up
and down like the man who is under the influence of an overdose of the
Jamaican weed. That been done would automatically bestow the consent
spirit of the world superstar, the Honourable Robert Nesta Marley on
such gathering. That is what an African would call ‘RESPECT’.

upon legends have gone six feet down the ground. Those who made
positive and negative impacts before Bob Marley and after him have
fallen out of the race of life. The sepulchres have taken all the
riches, brains and extraordinary talents that the living are supposed to
be enriched with. Who will unravel the mystery of death to us? The
wisest thing to do with life is to enjoy it while it lasts, but never
without leaving a positive mark engraved on the mind of your friends,
family, fans and followers. Anything else would amount to waste; a
wasted life.

I was only born a year after he passed on, but guess
what, I met something – his legacy. His motivating and hope-filled songs
still represent what he stood for. He was one of the most charismatic
and challenging performers that ever visited this world. He was a
prophet’s prophet and an advocate’s advocate. He was the evangelist of
love, unity and peace that sought to change the world long before the UN
embarked on the mission.

Robert Nesta Marley has been gone for
almost three decades. But Bob Marley is here with us. With you, with me.
He’s here – the hairstyles, the lyrics, the quotes, the message, the
devotion, the philosophy. Bob Marley will always be here. Always.

maybe it’s fine to throw a Marley party then? Where’s the Sensi?


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