Portsmouth to send 6 players parking after F.A. Cup

Pompey to axe FA Cup heroes

Six of Portsmouth’s FA Cup final team will be
told they have to leave the club immediately after Saturday’s game
against Chelsea is over.

David James is one of the players to move on after the

bus ride for Pompey players

Ham to make Grant approach

wants Panathinaikos switch

Administrator Andrew
Andronikou has confirmed to
Soccernet that more than half of the
side playing at Wembley this weekend, including goalkeeper
David James,
will have to move on after the match.

Portsmouth remain in
administration, still without a new owner, and have to pay off myriad
creditors, with claims against the club rapidly reaching £200 million.

Soccernet: "Half a dozen of the cup final team will have to
leave. That is a fact of life. We want to keep the spine of the team,
but the rest must go.

"They will be made up of three categories:
loanees, those out of contract, and those earmarked to be sold. [Jamie]
O’Hara, for example, is one of those players on loan, so he will be sent
back to Spurs.

"[Aruna] Dindane is another on loan and he will
revert to Lens who plan to sell him on. David James is out of contract,
and so won’t be offered a new one, and so on.

"Those out of
contract will go – their contracts will not be renewed, and there are
others we shall sell. In the sense of selling players, we shall be like
every other club this summer: when an offer comes in, we shall negotiate
and, if we can reach agreement on price, the player will be sold.

will be quite a lot of speculation about which players will be sold
off, but that is going to be a question of which players attract offers
and how much are those offers."

Andronikou does not wish to cause
too much upheaval so close to the final, but the reality is that it
might turn out that even more than six are kicked out to lower the wage

"I am leaving the football affairs to the manager, Avram Grant,
but I have to focus on the finances," he said. "That is my job – that’s
what I am here to do."

A host of Premier League clubs, such as
West Ham, are keen to pick up some of Pompey’s best players on free


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