Play it safe like D’Banj


Size doesn’t
matter; it’s the ‘motion in the ocean’ that counts. Don’t bother telling
that to
D’Banj though, tales of his ‘Anaconda’ have
brought the Mo Hits front man bucket loads of fame and Ghana-must-goes
full of fortune; and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Over the
years, the man from Ogun who’s managed to get the rest of Africa fixated
on the size of his *ahem* continues to feed the legend right under the
nose of the notoriously trigger-happy NBC.  Now personally, and for
obvious reasons, my curiosity ends exactly where
music stops and reality begins. I’ll let ladies’ minds do the wandering
from there.

On the new single, Mr. Endowed,
off his upcoming junior album of the same title,
describes what an endowed individual looks like, feels like and lives
like, and I’m sorry to disappoint the perverted amongst us (by that I’m
referring to you by the way), that it’s not all about his virility; the
‘Endowment’ is an all-encompassing lifestyle. A term he officially
introduced on his now infamous (un-credited) guest verse on
Lagos Party (Remix), ‘Endowed’
is yet another word for
D’Banj’s long-time fans to add
to their ‘kokobulary’.

With his sidekick Don Jazzy
shuffling between production and backup singing duties,
doesn’t exactly cover any new ground sonically.
The typical
D’Banj lead single has that instant replay
value, unfortunately
Endowed’s fast-paced
production has ‘grower’ written all over it. On his last album,
D’Banj showed versatility, experimenting with new
sounds, song themes and concepts;
Mr Endowed
is a much more ‘safer’ single, with the pop star sticking to his comfort

D’Banj recently made headlines when
reports began circulating that he‘s close to inking a major record deal
abroad. While its unclear where his new single would fall in the bigger
picture, you can be rest assured that if this record does become
D’Banj will milk his new name and brand for
what its worth.

Oh and one last thing, just in case you were
wondering, all my articles are ‘endowed’. Thank you.


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