The hit – Timaya Ft. M.I. (Life Anagaga)

– De Rebirth                          

Plantain Boy

– Akeem D Beat, Fair Face, Flux, J.Sleek, Jiggi Jego, K. Solo, M Yice,
N.D, Pheeno 

GUEST ARTISTES – 2Face Idibia,
2Solo, Allenian, Konga, Lanre, M.I, T.J, Wrecoba

– Blackbody Entertainment/Rabbi P. Ent.

Praise the Lord,
Timaya smiled! Oh okay, maybe I exaggerated a little;
the extremes of Timi’s lips are incapable of moving in an upward
direction, studies have shown this to be true. On his first two album
Timaya sported a mug so mean you’d have thought
the cameraman had upset him just before he
was asked
to say ‘
Cheese!’Thankfully on De Rebirth, Timaya
lightens up and while a straight face was all we were able to squeeze
out of the
Egberi Papa 1 this
time around, at least we
are getting somewhere.

On his
first album,
Timaya was livid. He’d watched an entire
community in his native Bayelsa perish and heard nobody say a damn thing
about it. On his second album,
Timaya was still
brooding; sure the massacre of 1999 was still on his mind but more than
anything else
Timaya suddenly noticed the presence of olofofos
trying to sabotage his career. Whether those fears were real or
imagined is a different kettle of fish all together.

On his third
album however,
Timaya isn’t as incensed, life is
beautiful these days;
Plantain Boy sums up Timaya’s
rags-to-riches tale that sometimes gets old but never fails to inspire.
De Rebirth sees Timi either celebrating his success (Happy
) or lashing out at anyone he feels is in its way
Who Born You). With an M.I
feature, a quasi-rapped verse from
Timaya and a hip-hop
styled beat from
Pheeno, Life Anagaga
is the album’s joker
.  I never thought I’d live to see
the day
Timaya would bite a few lines from a Chris
song but I did! And guess what, the song actually works.

doesn’t like me and by me I mean us and by us I mean the media; he
dedicated over four minutes on
De Rebirth to speaking
about the
Press. His antics give us something
to write about. We, in turn, give him something to sing about. Sounds
like a fair exchange if you ask me. So I guess in that regard, his music
hasn’t changed radically in terms of content. A
album comprises of some insanely melodic songs sewn together with
fleeting sing-along lyrics, throw in the incessant name calling
(apparently he knows the President on a first name basis) and you have
his complete LP; that hasn’t changed. What has changed though is his
creative environment –
K. Solo no longer commands the
lion’s share of production and the new producers have been a breath of
fresh air. There’s a little more complexity to his craft and greater
polish to his sound.

Evolve or die. For the often one-dimensional Timaya,
a rebirth was needed sooner or later and with the Bayelsan suffering
the dreaded sophomore jinx, ‘later’ became risky as ‘sooner’ became less
of a choice and more of a necessity. While he didn’t exactly reinvent
the wheel,
Timaya did show a willingness to try
something different and if there were still any doubts that
apprentice could last the distance without burning out prematurely,
just helped lay them to rest.


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