Ajasa denies Dagrin beef

performs with 2Phat and others, during the debut edition of HHWA in

Over hearing ‘Third
Avenue’ one would have thought it must be a description leading to a
destination. But no. Oh, yes! For Lord of Ajasa to have titled his new
3rd Avenue, he must be on his
way to a destination. Of course to the promise land. The peak of his
career as a musician.

The ‘pioneer’ of Yoruba rap, Lord of Ajasa
gathered Journalists together yesterday at the Page night club in Lagos
where he officially announced the release of his third album and
revealed his intention to proceed from the
2nd turning by
the right
(his 2nd album) to the 3rd
the title of his new album.

thought Ajasa had gone for good as soon as Dagrin pulled down the walls
of the ‘up and coming’ artistes’ camp and took over the centre stage
his hit-filled CEO album. Ajasa’s fame was
threatened. And now, might it be rude to say Dagrin’s demise has availed
Ajasa another opportunity to fine-tune his rap prowess and grab the
fans by the throat before another kid siezes the opportunity?

notes he never had any beef or contest with Dagrin. ’I don’t have any
beef with Dagrin. Everybody knows I am the pioneer of Yoruba rap but
Dagrin came with a different style and I loved it. He was my brother. I
am even one of his fans’ he tells NET.

In all objectivity, with
the rate at which young and gifted artistes are lurking around the walls
of stardom, the industry seems to have gone beyond who started what
style. Only the cat who has the balls to stand the recent
charcoal-heated bars, lyrics and rhythms will sell the CDs, headline the
shows, get the endorsements and rake in all the bucks.

this in mind, Lord of Ajasa has proven to be a true soldier with the
release of his third album (3
rd Avenue) produced by K Solo.
He’s trudging ahead despite the odds. Packing notable names like YQ,
Dagrin, Isolate, Klever J, Tha Suspect and Reminisce, this album he
described as matured and rich in production will place Ajasa on the
podium of relevance again.

Now, the question is, with all that
talent and consistency, will Lord of Ajasa finally hit it big this time?


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