Celebrity Basketball kicks off

Celebrity Basketball

NFL Star: 3rd Annual Kids Kick-Off / Celebrity
Basketball Event

A Hero on and off the football field, it will be factual to
infer that this is the case with the NFL Defensive Tackle for the
, Amobi
Okoye #91
, who started a non-profit organization “The
Amobi Okoye Foundation Inc.
” to provide an exemplary figure,
educate the kids, and as he previously stated “with the belief that all
youth have the basic human right of hope for a brighter future”.

The celebrity basketball game commenced after a short barbecue from
the morning
kick-off for kids event. Although, these
players are professional football (NFL) stars, one will be curious to
know how these big guys would perform on a basketball court. All I can
say is, don’t be deceived by the size, these guys are athletic, very
agile, and they can jump, as I witnessed a few dunks, 3 pointers, and a
lot of running back and forth the ends of the court. The last minute of
the game became very intense that it seemed as if I was watching an NBA
game for a second.

The game was structured in such a way that the defensive linesmen (Black
) played against the offensive linesmen (Red
), and at the end of the day, the Black Jersey
took the crown home.

After the celebrity basketball game, the Amobi Okoye Foundation
awarded a one year $10,000 scholarship to
Johnny Penna
based on certain academic criteria and an essay. As he was receiving
this award, Amobi expressed his intension to have Jonny write another
essay that will qualify him for a trip to Nigeria next year to attend a
program, Changing African Through Education  (
which is also being sponsored by The Amobi Foundation Inc.

Other guest appearances were NFL Stars, and representatives from
various organizations including but not limited to

Article & Photos by Bode Ojo.


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