David Silva linked with Chelsea

Valencia winger David Silva
has revealed he would relish a move to Chelsea and believes they rank
alongside Barcelona as the best club in world football.

David Silva is currently in South Africa with Spain

Silva, currently on World Cup duty
with Spain, is expected to leave Valencia this summer and, as it appears
there is little prospect of him joining Barca or Real Madrid, both
Chelsea and Manchester City are viewed as possible destinations.

24-year-old, who was recently quoted as saying he would find it
difficult to resist a move to Manchester United, has now reiterated his
belief that the Premier League is the strongest in the world and feels
Chelsea are its strongest team.

"Chelsea have established
themselves as one of the best clubs in Europe over the last five years,"
he said in the
Daily Star. "They might not have the history of
Real Madrid or AC Milan but they are creating their own history now.

is no reason why in the future Chelsea can’t be as decorated as Real
Madrid. Chelsea probably have, along with Barcelona, the best squad in
football and if any player joins Chelsea he knows he is going to win

"In players like John Terry, Frank Lampard
, they have players who would get into any team in the world
and it would be a pleasure to play with them.

"There is no doubt
in my mind that Chelsea would be a great club to play for – and a club
where I could fulfil my ambition of league titles and the European Cup.

Premier League is still the place to be. No other league in the world
has six or seven Champions League-quality teams."


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