• All soft drinks are called mineral
  • All fathers took first position in class while @ school
  • India beat Nigeria 99 – 1 because the ball was turning to Lion…smh
  • If your wealth starts reducing it’s ur village pple dat r doing u
  • Rice and stew ..Every sunday afternoon
  • Every Commodity Outside Africa is original
  • Anybdy wif AIDS got it tru sex
  • Shez a calabar girl, chai, she go sabi do…””
  • Every seasoning cube is MAGGI!
  • U must Finish the rice before you touch the meat…
  • Every Toothpaste na Maclean
  • Every Insecticide na Fleet or Sheltox
  • Every detergent Na Omo
  • Any rich hausa man is an Alhaji, d poor ones are Aboki…choi
  • U smoke,u’re an armed robber
  • If you find money on the road, pee on it before picking it up,or else you go disappear or turn to yam
  • Only science students are smart.
  • Once u travel overseas u must be very rich.
  • As if the share money on d plane smh
  • Drogba Use Juju tie Torres when he was in Chelsea…lol
  • Every girl that plays and jokes with a boy has slept with him…SMH
  • You must buy bread when traveling
  • When u loose a tooth, throw it on d roof of d house nd run round d house 7 times!
  • Every Noodle is called Indomie………………………………….Naija shaaaaa!

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