Do you really agree wif ds………………………….I hatee it when people compare Ronaldo with Messi… Team success wise, Messi surpasses Ronaldo βu̶̲̅† Individually, i give it τ̲☹ Ronaldo…

Messi has been in La liga for good 8 seasons while Ronaldo has spent jes 2 seasons… Under that 2 season, Ronaldo scored La liga fastest hat trick (10 minutes) Most hat trick in a single season (7) and highest ever (12) Fastest four goals in La liga (40minutes) Most goals scored in a season in la liga (40goals) Fastest La liga player τ̲☹ score hat trick 1st La liga player τ̲☹ score in his 1st 4 La liga appearances Messi has scored 158 goals in 208 appearances in 8 seasons in La liga while Ronaldo has scored 106 goals in 95 league appearances after 2 jes season in La liga Ronaldo can score with both feet as well as his head Messi scored 95% øƒ his goals with his favored foot (Left)… Messi can dribble as well as Ronaldo βu̶̲̅† Messi can never try τ̲☹ do a leg-over else his leg go break ni… Ronaldo can score from anywhere on the pitch (check out his goal against A.Madrid yday) Messi scores 90% øƒ his goals inside the 18 yard box and 65% comes by assist… Ronaldo has excel in 3 different leagues while Messi is dwelling in jes one single league… Ronaldo holds the world record transfer with €1billion buyout clause…

Please don’t use World best τ̲☹ defend ur player o`°•.¸¸.•°` `°• Use individual differences… CR7 rules!!!


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1 Response to CR7

  1. odukoya adeyinka says:

    Messi is stil better than ronaldo in anywhere,all wat u are writing is story.


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