BBM Rules

This is really funny!

1. If you are going to rob my DP, don’t use it the same time as me!

2. Don’t steal my cool status – and put it up as yours and act cool!

3. Don’t get upset if you get a broadcast! You joined BBM, so don’t complain -broadcasts are free, so deal with it! Or sell your fone, better stil give it out.

4. If you have time to READ my messages, you MUST have the time to REPLY to my messages….

5. Don’t broadcast random pins to add, I’m not begging for friends! Pls!

6. A depressing status won’t get you any attention! Take it to the Lord in Prayer!

7. To all the BBM prayer warriors..if you need to pray,you can go to church….

8. Never attempt sending conditional BCs like “if you love your mom broadcast this”. Its craziness

9. If ur BIS is getting off….you don’t av to lament…and you’ve got no reason to be aa BIS beggar coz you weren’t forced to be a BB user

10. All the lovers: WE ARE HAPPY FOR YOU.. BUT WE DON’T CARE!! If it was that great.. you would be married already!

11. Don’t ping in the middle of the night, do I look like vampire to U? Some of us are asleep!
If you have woken up and can’t go back to sleep, try one of these:
☑Watch tv
☑read a book
☑play games with Ɣ☺ΰR fone!
☑pick broom and start sweeping house

9. NEVER send chain messages – Don’t try 2 guilt us into praying. If you feel God will bless you if you broadcast a message – you need help. See a priest/pastor.

If I send you a broadcast and you decide to pass it on, PLEASE don’t send it back to me! We are not playing Volleyball…. *nerd*

Thank You
Have a wonderful day.

Now pls forward it but remember the last rule


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  1. kim says:

    This is true…


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