It is highly advised that students protesting over the change of name announced by the Presidency should pls lay low. At least for the sake of time. It is obvious that the present federal government has been a bunch of failure. Yet, the protest can only be seen as an unnecessary delay that can jeopardise education purpose in the school and invariable the country as a whole. You all should just take heart.

Change of name has occurred to so many higher institutions in Nigeria and till today the names have stayed. The Federal Government owns the school and therefore have the possessive right to rename it. We’ve seen University of Ife changed to Obafemi Awolowo, Ogun State University (OSU) changed to Olabisi Onabanjo, Ondo Uni changed to Adekunle Ajasin, OSPO to MAPOLY, OSCE to TASCE, Lagos College of Education to Adeniran Ogunsanya and so on. All these have happened over time and no problem was caused.

Take heed and go back to your studies. The Federal cannot withdraw its statement… That makes such government to be considered -constitutionally weak. Embrace peace and shun violence.


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