EKURO L’ALABAKU EWA – The literal meaning

Palm fruit has three segment
1) Endosperm
2) Exosperm
3) Embrayo

Endosperm: is refer to the outer layer of the palm fruit. Youruba people call it Eyin, it’s reddish or yellowish in colour.

Exosperm: is what you have after removing the fruit flesh. It’s very hard and black in colour. Yoruba call it Ekuro.

Embrayo: it’s sometime refer to as Bean, it’s what you have after you cracked the hardy part of the palm fruit. I.e Ekuro.

It’s a literary meaning to call the embryo a bean. And bean in yoruba is ewa.

Ekuro lalabaku ewa mean; as long as the embryo (bean) is inside the exosperm (Ekuro), it’s very safe and they can spend up to thousands yrs. Come rain come shining.

I stand to be corrected, if I’m wrong.
‘Seun Ogundele
Boutinys Unlimited™

Insight by ‘Segun CEO – @shegzytrillion


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2 Responses to EKURO L’ALABAKU EWA – The literal meaning

  1. Tade says:

    In a more romantic term, we could say it means ‘You complete me’. Yoruba is such a beautiful language.


  2. Babajide Bello says:

    Well said. 👌🏾


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