What is Love?

  • Your palms are sweating and you can’t seem to catch a breath? That’s not love, that’s falling in love.
  • You can’t keep your eyes or hands off him/her? That’s not love, that’s lust.
  • You’re proud of him/her, and want everyone to know he/she’s yours? That’s not love, that’s bragging.
  • You want him/her, because you know he/she’ll always be there for you? That’s not love, that’s loneliness.
  • You’re with him/her, because he/she loves you? That’s not love, that’s pity.
  • You’re with him/her because he/she kisses you often and holds your hand? That’s not love, that’s being insecure.
  • Your heart starts pounding faster the moment you see him/her? That’s not love, that’s passion.
  • You forgive him/her because you care about him/ her? That’s not love, that’s friendship.
  • Everyday you tell him/her that (he/she)’s the only thing you’re thinking about? That’s not love, that’s a lie.
  • You give up certain things for him/her? That’s not love, that’s generosity.
  • Your heart is aching and you’re sad the moment you see him/her sad? That’s LOVE.
  • You’re attracted to others, but you still stick to him/her without a doubt? That’s LOVE.
  • You happily accept all him/her flaws because they’re a part of who he/she is? That’s LOVE.
  • You are with him/her because of that unexplained feeling of pain, happiness and pleasure? That’s LOVE.
  • You would give up your life for him/her? YES, that’s LOVE…… Sincerely ask yourself today, are you TRULY in love?

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3 Responses to What is Love?

  1. hardhey Gold says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I can see am in LUV


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