2013 is around the corner, I want to beg for



1. Please in 2013 don’t send any message that says General Overseer says I shouldn’t wear certain colours on certain months or days else I’ll die.

~Na U wan kill me?~


2. Don’t put a status on ur wall and commanding me to send it to 10 people and be blessed.

~It’s absolute foolishness.~


3. Don’t send any sms to me claiming that

MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT etc would recharge My phones if I send it to 7 people.

~Are you a fool?~


4. I don’t care what your mood is, stop telling me, If your goat like make e born triplet I don’t care.

~There are more important things to think about.~


5. Stop Putting your problem on facebook, BBM & twitter, people would like it, comment on it but would never ever solve it.

~Tell God in prayers~


6. Pls don’t send message telling me that I

shouldn’t answer call from a Particular number. If not I will die….

~So, all dis pple that die everyday na the number kill dem.~


7. Don’t tell me that the world is going to end on a particular date. I should sell off all I have & give the money to pastor but yet u have a lunch date with ur chick/guy.

~Are U Nostre Damus~


8. Don’t drop any comment on my posts that has no relationship to the topic of the posts.

~Are U a learner?~.


9. When U send message like hy, hello, sup, how are u, how was d nite, how u dey, how ur side, wetin dey, how is d weather, how are u coping, all at d same tym. Wetin U expect me to answer.

~Abi U no know say all mean d same tin?~


Lastly I kneel down beg U, even beg ur fore

father join, 4 dis 2013 no beg me 4 recharge card. Bcus I sitdown calculate d money wey I take send card give pple for 2012 na above

1million. Na 1 full plot of land money be dat.

~If U like, no blive me na ur wahala sha~


Happy New Year in Advance People…..


~Although Nobody Invite ME 2 cum chop Xmas rice, I stil dy on D luk out 4 new year own sha……….!~


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