ASUU Strike: Students! dont waste away

ASUU Strike: What are you doing at home? I felt really concerned about this issue and decided to make use of my pen. Perhaps this might help someone. This strike is three months old and most undergraduates have been doing nothing at home. Well, I am
not writing this to the government neither am I writing it to ASUU or the ever-protesting youths out there. These lines are directed to YOU. I mean YOU the undergraduate reading this piece at the moment. Let me tell you a blunt truth. If you are at home doing nothing now because of ASUU strike, it is most likely that you will also be doing nothing after you graduation. That simply means you are not valuable enough to be hooked by a company for employment. Well, lets leave that for another day. Let’s consider for a while those things that are taking people’s time at home: Series films, Soccer Manager, Play Station, 2go, Facebook, etc. Which of these is holding you down from being valuable? After serious consideration, you will realize that all these are products of great minds and busy hands i.e some people thought and brought up these. What are you busy doing? ASUU strike should be a blessing for you. Why cant you take advantage of this period and also put your name in the hearts of people.
As an accounting student, what will it cost you to walk up to a bank close to your house and tell the branch manager you are willing to work with them for free? Irrespective of your level at school. Go to as many banks as possible. Go back as many times as you hear a NO. I don’t think this would cost you anything. Don’t you know this would add a bullet of experience to your CV as a graduate?
As an English or Arts/Mass Comm student, have you checked al the radio stations in Ibadan, Lagos, Akure or Abeokuta and they told you they don’t need you? There is no harm in trying. All you do at
home is to listen to music on Beat FM and you are happy? Really funny!
Listen, you can be great in life without having a degree. So don’t let ASUU vs FG hold you down. Don’t be deceived. You have everything you need already. You can read. You can write. You
can speak good English. Oh! You can even use the internet. And funny enough you also have a phone that can be used to surf the internet. What else do you need? Tell me. You think you
need a degree to get busy? I laugh to your situation. Make use of google to see how many Nigerian graduates are jobless. Some
are even at home now waiting for NYSC. That is their own excuse for not getting busy. Hey, you don’t have an excuse. Don’t wait for
FG. They are doing nothing and they possibly won’t do anything. Make you moment count. Don’t waste you precious time. Get up and find something to do. Go out now. You are already educated. A
degree won’t make you educated. You have the fundamental knowledge.
Go and ask how much pepper sellers are making per day. Go check how much tailors are making. Bricklayers, Akara sellers, barbers,
salons, mechanics etc. These are people you will regard as ‘uneducated’. What about you that knows the laws of physics, knows why water is colourless and why calculus can not be
used in literature? It is a pity that are you using all that on Soccer Manager and Vampire Diaries. You use your laptop as a toy instead as a tool.
Why can’t you apply those things learn in school to everyday trade in your neighborhood?
Why can’t you call your friends around to form a team and form a company?
Why can’t you learn something?
Fashion designing, programming, craft etc.
Why can’t you develop your selling and negotiation skill?
Why can’t you buy and read a book today?
Why can’t you volunteer to work in a company around you for free?
Why can’t you think about your life for once and forget degree, ASUU or FG?
Why not NOW?


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