New Year, New Resolution

It’s only some twinkles away from another new year, while I’m very proud thankful for you all for being a significant part of my life in 2015, l want to take a moment to exhort you as we usher in 2016.

In 2016, I challenge you to:
Prepare for the best year ever.
Take bold steps towards fulfilling your dreams.
Activate your untapped potential.
Develop your inner gifts.
Build your social skills.
Challenge yourself mentally.
Seek more knowledge.
Search for more wisdom.
Improve your academic status.
Dare to be different.
Stand out of the crowd.
Make peace with every person.
Treat yourself good; you deserve it.
Live you own life; don’t move with the multitude.
Record new victories.
Remain relevant.
Set new goals and pursue them.
Be accountable for every notable moment.
Fear not, try the impossible.
Study more, learn the latest tricks of your trade.
If need be, change your friends. You don’t need too many of them.
It’s not pride, believe me when I tell you.
The kind of friends you should have in 2016 are those who in every way make you wanna be better.
People who are smarter, wiser, possibly more learned and better exposed than you are.
Churn mediocrity.
Desist from the mundane things.
Refuse to be average.
Don’t be reckless.
Deter from insolence.
Increase your mental capability.
Unleash your hidden beauty.
Provoke your inner man to greatness.
Unlock your colorful destiny.
Increase your spiritual stamina.
Dwell more on productive ventures.
Ginger your swaggerπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€
Bury the past. Focus on the now.
Approach every task as if it’s the last opportunity.
Register good impressions the first time.
Apply for more training and/or exams in your field.
Believe in yourself, you are not inferior.
Boost your confidence.
Pls, ensure to look good every time, it doesn’t cost a fortune.
The way you dress will mostly dictate the way you are addressed.
Feed well, sleep well, set apart some leisure time.
Pay attention to your health, don’t ignore little signs.
Go to any good length to provide comfortable life for your family.
Don’t take me out of context, I said any good length.
Do away with redundancy. Refresh your educational pedigree.
Break barriers, confound the doubters.

Now with all these being said, on your marks, get set, go………and take your crownπŸ‘‘
I’ll see you all in 2016, of course in your full glory.


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