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The recent events have shown that the Nigeria government is not just a failure but a pathetic swindlers at that. We were here when the present administration campaigned against subsidy of any sort. It is highly disappointing that in this dooming economy, the Federal government rolls out plan to subsidise pilgrimage for attendees in the tune of $1,000 per pilgrim. Wait, it didn’t stop there; CBN orders banks to sell Dollar at NGN197.00 for pilgrims. Is any of these making sense at all? How does pilgrimage becomes government’s business? I learnt even the Quran says Hajj is meant for Muslims but such must be capable of funding it (of course except he/she has a sponsor). What gain is it for government to send people to Jerusalem? Are they on a mission of Economic Summit or Development course of any sort? Well, as appalling as this is, it’s not worth consideration.
What then shall we do about the falling Naira; high cost of petroleum products; unending fight against corruption; budget padding; degenerating education system; increasing statistics of unemployment; epileptic power supply; pitiable health services; alarming insecurity; insurgency and rebel militia.

Talking about Nepotism? We already have too many examples.. Have you forgotten ‘Oga at the Top’; ‘United States of Nigeria’… well! Diaris God.

On the note of corruption: the APC-led government have been busy painting the bad image of PDP’s last 16 years administration. We even wonder when the blaming game will be over. Funny thing is – average Nigerians are soaking in the argument. Well, if you forget let me remind you. Corruption in Nigeria is older than most of us. The military era that we’ve decided to shelve-off is so accountable for a lot of these bruhaha. You want to talk about this democracy era? I will rather talk about pre-independence – I mean during colonization. It is recorded that Nigerians who were fortunate to be part of that government never recovered from it. Each of them enriched his/her pocket. We failed to be our brother’s keeper. The rich and influential got their fortune at the expense of the poor. Yet we appraise them..
Chinua Achebe’s “Man of The People” is not a mere prose afterall.

Let’s move further – to our present society. In the religious cycle for instance. We are all guilty. A lot of our religious leaders have failed us woefully. I heard a couple of Pastor once confessed of being armed robbers before meeting Jesus. To be truthful, they are still at it. Though, it is better packaged this time. Two things are basically involved in this:
1. They’ve found a better way to robbery – it’s even legit. No more chasing around. They even get policemen attached to them as Orderly – drivers and messengers.
2. There’s no conviction to it. Not even a glimpse of guilt. An Alfa will make you donate your life savings as sacrifice. He’ll even give you testimony of someone who release his danfo for God and get a Ferrari as a reward the next few days.
Who no like better thing? We all want a shortcut to greatness. So you give your capital up for a church course hoping for a bountiful rewards. Clap! Clap!! You’ve just impoverished yourself. By the time you realise and wish to challenge your pastor – he tells you the benefit of being a patient waiter. ‘Wait on God’ he’ll say. I’ll rather say ‘Shut Up and Keep Calm! Even Abraham waited for over 100 years before having Isaac’.

The whole of these remind me of a Yoruba idiom – Pe Aro ati Odofin inu re po. That is, call a conference for your board of directors/trustees – in this case your mind, brain and heart. We all need to have a rethink; a deliberation within ourselves. We should make a decision to get better.

You know what is wrong but you are waiting for a reminder. Anyway, God may not be jobless enough to remind you. He may also forget to bring his wrath. Maybe you don’t even believe God exists. Bad news – Nemesis never fails. Are you a scientist? Remember the 1st, 2nd and 3rd laws of motion – they all explain the law of Cause and Effect. The rest?…………fill in the gap.


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