1. My dear Jil, I did warn you about this guy. Wish you’d listened to me. #Letr2Jil

2. The guy doesn’t love you. He just wanted to use you, and you knew that. #Letr2Jil 

‎3. Funny I spend more time trying to dissuade young people from making ruinous marital decisions than on any other issue. #Letr2Jil

4. If I were you I’ll proceed to church to do thanksgiving it didn’t work out. Stop crying. God delivered you. #Letr2Jil 

5. Of course it’s a painful thing to have a crashed relationship. Unless you weren’t invested. #Letr2Jil 

6. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. #Letr2Jil 

7. So I understand you really wanted to marry. But you can’t marry under these conditions, and to such a gentleman. #Letr2Jil 

8. The only reason he wanted to marry you was to avoid marriage to the girl he impregnated. Even you knew that. #Letr2Jil 

9. You knew something was wrong judging by his haste. I mean he was gone for so long and suddenly he was back, ferociously. #Letr2Jil

10. You were his marriage avoidance scheme to the young woman he inseminated. #Letr2Jil 

11. In other words, he had no intention of marrying either you or the other girl. You were just a tool of annulment. #Letr2Jil‎

12. He had gotten caught in his own contrivances and devices. The other girl nailed him down essentially. #Letr2Jil 

13. The quality of man you marry matters. And you deserve more than this man. This guy will mess you up. #Letr2Jil 

14. Besides, you clearly didn’t know him. This guy thinks he’s smart. And he’s playing around with girls’ lives. #Letr2Jil 

15. You’ve got to get out of your besotted infatuation. That no matter what you do to me I’ll always love you mindset. #Letr2Jil 

16. That avowal of love is stupidity I’m sorry to say. It’s straight out of a romance novel that is not in touch with realism. #Letr2Jil 

17. It looks good on paper, reads good on paper but is a terrible philosophy of life. Will produce devastation in the real world. #Letr2Jil 

18. What you’re saying essentially is that if this guy dumps that other girl you’ll take him back, yet again. #Letr2Jil 

19. If you pursue that course, you must really hate yourself. You’ll be the dog going back to its poisonous vomit. #Letr2Jil 

20. God is working so hard to prevent damage to your life but you’re working so hard in the opposite direction. #Letr2Jil 

21. And that philosophy of marriage as a cross being espoused by your aunt I really don’t understand. #Letr2Jil 

22. Is marriage supposed to be a burden or what? Is it meant to be trauma or a trial? I don’t know the source of this philosophy. #Letr2Jil 

23. The philosophy suggests marriage is some type of customized curse. You better not buy into that kind of thing. #Letr2Jil 

24. Those who spout such philosophy are many times regurgitating their own painful experiences. #Letr2Jil 

25. They have terrible marriages, don’t know what to do and so created a coping philosophy which they now espouse as gospel. #Letr2Jil 

26. A God who encourages his children to go into hell must be sadistic. I mean is God Moloch? #Letr2Jil 

27. Moloch is the abominable Canaanite god whose appeasement requires child sacrifice by fire. #Letr2Jil 

28. How can God be leading you to go into a horrible marriage? Why would God seek to make your life hell! #Letr2Jil 

29. You have to be very discriminate with the advices you receive on marriage. You have to check motivation. #Letr2Jil 

30. I’m shocked members of your family encouraged you to go into marital furnace. #Letr2Jil 

31. Clearly they just want you to marry irrespective of your happiness. #Letr2Jil 

32. The advice they gave you essentially foreclosed happiness in marriage. #Letr2Jil 

33. Like a lamb they were leading you to the slaughter slab of depression. #Letr2Jil 

34. You should never compromise happiness in marriage. That’s an awful bargain to strike and you may not survive. #Letr2Jil 

35. What’s the point of marriage without happiness! Why would you go willy nilly into marital depression? #Letr2Jil 

36. When you’re not happy in marriage your health suffers, your life turns to pain, life becomes a film negative. #Letr2Jil 

37. Happiness is so critical in marriage. The opposite is not unhappiness it’s depression. Of the clinical variety. #Letr2Jil 

38. You gamble your life away going into an unhappy marriage. You’re going to pile a ton of deadweight on your soul. #Letr2Jil 

39. And the thing about the cause of marital unhappiness is that it camouflages. The source is always complex. #Letr2Jil 

40. You’ll be so caught up in the unhappiness looking for a way out you don’t even have energy to trace the source. #Letr2Jil 

41. By the time you realise the cause of the unhappiness the damage is done. Your psyche is bludgeoned. Blunt force trauma. #Letr2Jil 

42. By this time, time has elapsed. And by that I mean your life. And you may end up popping antidepressants. #Letr2Jil 

43. Marital unhappiness creates a lethargy no earthly vitamins can invigorate. #Letr2Jil 

44. You’ll be under a cloud, like some heavy load dropped through your head into the middle of your head. #Letr2Jil 

45. You’ll have no energy whatsoever. You won’t even be able to fight for your life. You’ll need a lot of help for that. #Letr2Jil 

46. Now you can understand what God delivered you from. Please stop crying. #Letr2Jil 

47. The right man will come. Don’t be desperate. Don’t trade happiness. It’s not worth it. #Letr2Jil 

48. After the wedding you’ll be confronted with the quality of your spouse. #Letr2Jil 

49. The pain of being married to someone who doesn’t love you is unimaginable. If you doubt ask women in that situation. #Letr2Jil 

50. When there’s no love in a marriage it can easily become despite. And hatred. #Letr2Jil 

51. If I were you I’d cut off contact with this guy. He’s still coming back. As soon as he finds no joy in his betrothal. #Letr2Jil 

52. Block him on Twitter, mute him on Facebook, block him on WhatsApp, SMS, whatever! He wants to ruin your life. #Letr2Jil 

53. Don’t open up your life to an emotional abuser. #Letr2Jil 

54. Take a definitive decision to cut him off. It’s your life that’s at stake not a ring. #Letr2Jil 

55. Don’t make the mistake of listening to his sorry tales. He’ll still try to manipulatively tug at the strings of your heart. #Letr2Jil 

56. Go back to the original vision for your life – the one you edited to accommodate an incubus. #Letr2Jil 

57. Put your life back together. There’s a vision and a future. #Letr2Jil 

58. Before saying yes to another man determine you’ll be happy first. If you’re not going to be happy don’t do it. #Letr2Jil 

59. You have a right to happiness. Don’t edit happiness out of your life. #Letr2Jil 

60. There are worthy men out there. It’s just the bad guys tend to get there first. #Letr2Jil 

…..that’s it…. #60TweetsIn60Minutes 

Series: #JacknJil
Title: #Letr2Jil
Episode Title: Happiness and all that Jazz

By: Leke Alder @LekeAlder


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