1. What if…Imaginative adventures in faith. Chapter 5: What if…Joseph had slept with Mrs. Potiphar? #Illuminare

2. (This question was submitted by Ajulo Damilola.) #Illuminare

3. Mrs. Potiphar was a racist. And a sexual predator. Of course we all know the story of Joseph! #Illuminare

4. Poor Joseph was forcefully abducted from his home country. He ends up in the slave market in Egypt. #Illuminare

5. Joseph’s brothers sold him to the Ishmaelites, his second cousins. The Ishmaelites resold him in Egypt. #Illuminare

6. He wound up in the home of Captain Potiphar, head of the Ministry of Interior. Captain Poty took care of political prisoners. #Illuminare

7. Joseph was a product of good genes. His lineage featured extremely beautiful women, starting with his great grandma. #Illuminare

8. Sarah was a knockout, even in old age. There’s that story of Pharaoh wanting to marry her at 70! #Illuminare

9. Pharaoh was a powerful monarch who apparently collected beautiful women. He had lookout agents! #Illuminare

10. It would take God muscling in on Pharaoh to get Sarah released. She was already sequestered in his palace. #Illuminare

11. And that wasn’t the only time God had to intervene on behalf of Abraham. #Illuminare

12. Barely twenty years after, another king – King Abimelech of Gerar had similar ideas about Sarah. #Illuminare

13. “You’re a dead man,” God told Abimelech. (Gen. 20:3-4) And he quickly relinquished Sarah! God does “Mafia!” #Illuminare

14. Then there was Joseph’s grandma. Her name was Rebekah. She was beautiful. (Gen. 26:7) #Illuminare

15. Another Abimelech, son of the old king began nursing ideas about her. Before he could make his move fate intervened. #Illuminare

16. Isaac like his father had lied about his wife, Rebekah. Said she was his sister. She was not. She was his cousin. #Illuminare

17. Unfortunately Abimelech looked out of his window one day and saw Isaac fondling Rebekah. (Gen. 26:8-9) Game up! #Illuminare

18. Though one might ask what is it with the Abimelechs and the family of Abraham! #Illuminare

19. Then came Joseph’s mum. Her name was Rachel. She was gorgeous. #Illuminare

20. The Bible describes Rachel as “stunningly beautiful!” Had a “beautiful figure.” (Gen. 29:17 MSG, NLT) #Illuminare

21. Jacob probably paid the longest dowry in human history on account of Rachel –14years worth of labour. #Illuminare

22. Joseph took Rachel’s genes, though he might have been going to the gym as well. Bible says he was “well built.” #Illuminare

23. Joseph did have a hint of vanity about him. That was what got him into trouble with his brothers. (Gen. 37:3, 19-20) #Illuminare

24. It didn’t take long before the Mrs. Potiphar set eyes on Joseph. She was a cougar. The guy was relatively young. (Gen. 37:2) #Illuminare

25. Mrs. Potiphar didn’t employ subtlety. She was crude and direct: ‘“Have sex with me,” she DEMANDED!’ (Gen. 39:7) #Illuminare

26. And was she persistent! She kept pressuring the lad day after day, seeking to wear down his resistance. #Illuminare

27. On one of those days, and by some freakish coincidence none of the household servants was in the house. #Illuminare

28. Mrs. Potiphar made her move. She made a grab for Joseph. In trying to escape her claws he left his tunic behind. #Illuminare

29. Well, hell hath no fury like a scorned Mrs. Potiphar. She began to scream rape, attracting the attention of other servants. #Illuminare

30. It was while narrating her alleged ordeal to the servants that she used racial slur. #Illuminare

31. She told the servants, “My husband has brought THIS HEBREW slave here to make fools of us!” (Gen. 39:14) #Illuminare

32. Notice the sudden “us.” Egyptians despised shepherds. Hebrews were shepherds. (Gen. 46:34) #Illuminare

33. When she repeated the charge to her husband she used the same racial slur – #Illuminare

34. “THAT HEBREW SLAVE you’ve brought into our house tried to come in and fool with me… #Illuminare

35. …But when I screamed, he ran outside, leaving his cloak with me.” (Gen. 39:17) #Illuminare

36. Captain Poty was livid. He threw Joseph in prison. And so did Mrs. Poty come to unleash another trauma into Joseph’s life. #Illuminare

37. This was his 3rd major trauma– the 1st his mum’s death, the 2nd was being sold into slavery, and now Mrs. Potiphar. #Illuminare

38. But why didn’t Joseph sleep with Mrs. Potiphar? Somehow, sex with her was a difficult moral proposition for him. #Illuminare

39. How do you sleep with your benefactor’s wife? Potiphar had been good to him, trusted him. And he said as much. #Illuminare

40. The only thing off limit was Mrs. Potiphar. So how could he? Why Potiphar grew mad and threw him in prison. #Illuminare

41. It was in Potiphar’s detention that Joseph met those two government officials and interpreted their dreams. #Illuminare

42. One official was assassinated as Joseph predicted, the other freed as he also predicted. #Illuminare

43. It was through the freed gentleman Joseph finally got his recommendation to Pharaoh. The rest is history. #Illuminare

44. Joseph would go on to become Pharaoh’s 2nd in command. We assume Mr. and Mrs. Potiphar went into exile the next day! #Illuminare

45. But what if Joseph had slept with Mrs. Potiphar? What then? #Illuminare

46. Mrs. Potiphar would devour him like the black widow spider. That spider cannibalizes her mate. #Illuminare

47. The character profile of Mrs. Potiphar is that of a lying, cheating, manipulative, inventive, racist and vindictive woman. #Illuminare

48. Mrs. Poty is not someone you want to get into relationship with, any relationship. #Illuminare

49. Joseph would have to do her every whim and bidding to hang on to his life. He’d be nothing but a toy boy. #Illuminare

50. His personal vision would be terminated. Those dreams gone! Then there’s the blackmail factor. #Illuminare

51. Don’t forget Mrs. Potiphar was good at manufacturing evidence. The sword of death would dangle over his head forever. #Illuminare

52. And there’s of course the risk of exposure of the affair. A very dangerous affair that would have been. #Illuminare

53. A slave who cuckolds his master has his life sentence pronounced in advance. #Illuminare

54. If knowledge of the affair ever got out neither Joseph nor Mrs. Potiphar would live to tell the story. #Illuminare

55. In truth Mrs. Potiphar was nothing but a distraction to Joseph. She was a derailer of destiny. #Illuminare

56. The simple lesson from all this is that it’s good to have a moral core. Joseph had integrity. #Illuminare

57. Sometimes integrity leads us through adverse circumstances to take us to the top. #Illuminare

58. Joseph did end up marrying into nobility. The employment package from Pharaoh included a wife. #Illuminare

59. Incidentally Joseph’s wife was the daughter of another Potiphar with a name variant called Potipherah. (Gen. 41:45) #Illuminare

60. In other words, Joseph gave up Mrs. Potiphar only to get a Miss Potiphar. #Illuminare

61. The wrong Potiphar came first. And that’s the way it often is in life. The decoy manifests first. #Illuminare

62. If Joseph had slept with Mrs. Potiphar his future would have been consumed. He wouldn’t get to Pharaoh’s palace. #Illuminare

63. And he would have missed his purpose in life. His purpose was to preserve the nascent nation of Israel. #Illuminare

64. The famine would have wiped out his family – his father, brothers, their wives and children… The whole lot! #Illuminare

65. He told his brothers “God sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives.” (Genesis 45:7) #Illuminare

66. Without Joseph there would be no nation of Israel today. That’s the opportunity cost of sleeping with Mrs. Potiphar #Illuminare

67. He would have gone on a destiny tangent–just a handsome gigolo servicing a devious woman. Until the next handsome guy comes. #Illuminare

68. Crass short-term opportunism derails destiny. #Illuminare

69. Even in our difficulties we must search for purpose. There’s something called the end game. (Jer. 29:11) Keep faith! #Illuminare

70. If you’ll like to receive Jesus into your life please pray this prayer: #Illuminare

71. Father I acknowledge that I am a sinner, that Jesus Christ died for me, that you raised him from the dead. #Illuminare

72. Please forgive me Father. I accept Jesus today as my Lord and my Saviour. Amen. #Illuminare

73. To read the full version of Chapter 5: What if Joseph had slept with Mrs. Potiphar? please go to https://t.co/7k5lBilfNM #Illuminare

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