Stewardship – By Pastor Sam Adeyemi

1. The increase or reduction in the volume of resources someone can handle is purely a function of their stewardship. #Stewardship

2. Resources will always flow from those that don’t manage them well to those who manage them well. #Stewardship

3. In Psalms 78:70-72, David progressed from managing sheep to managing people because of his Stewardship. #Stewardship

4. Jesus said you can be trusted to manage the most valuable resources when you can manage money. #Stewardship

5. The most valuable resource on earth is Man and God is jealous over this resource. #Stewardship

6. Many countries don’t know that the reason for their poverty is the way they treat people & not the lack of natural resources #Stewardship

7. Families, organizations and nations rise or fall depending on the way they treat people. #Stewardship

8. What is of concern to God the most is how you treat human beings. The human life is valuable to God. #Stewardship

9. There are families, businesses, organizations, churches, that are dysfunctional simply because of the way people are treated #Stewardship

10. How you treat other people impact on your success or progress. #Stewardship

11. The basic stewardship principle is that God owns everything. You cannot own a Human Being! #Stewardship

12. You don’t own your husband, wife, children, employees, or church members. You cannot own human a life, it is too valuable. #Stewardship

13. Parenting will be better done when we realize we are only stewards of the lives of our Children. #Stewardship

14. Some employers behave as if they own the employees under them simply because they pay their salaries. #Stewardship

15. Being an employee is not the same as a slave. That you pay somebody’s salary does not mean you bought them from the market. #Stewardship

16. You must understand that when you work with an organization, it is simply a contract. You are not a slave to anybody. #Stewardship

17. The most important thing God wants you to do with people is to Love them.(John 3:16; 1st John 3:16; John 10: 11-13) #Stewardship

18. The stewardship of people is about leadership and the highest priority of God is to love people. #Stewardship

19. If you don’t have the capacity to love as a leader; your failure is guaranteed. #Stewardship

20. Without genuine care for people you won’t have creative vision to add value to people’s lives. #Stewardship

21. No love, No vision. Vision is critical to leadership and Leadership is important to God. #Stewardship

22. David laid down his life for his father’s sheep and God disrupted the Royal line to make him king. #Stewardship

23. Many of us don’t know when God runs the test on us. The test to see whether you are a shepherd or a hireling. #Stewardship

25. Everyone occupying positions of influence who doesn’t have Love for people, I declare that their positions have expired. #Stewardship

26. I receive for you empowerment of the Holy Spirit & I declare a change of status for you. Your season of promotion is here. #Stewardship


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