#Letr2Jack – PANCAKE by Leke Alder

1. Dear Jack, she isn’t the prettiest of girls but she’s kind. Something about her drew him to her. #Letr2Jack

2. She is not in his social class either. Very few would be. His father is rich. Very rich. #Letr2Jack

3. She recognized early on he could date other women – very beautiful women, and yet it was her he chose. #Letr2Jack

4. He trusts her implicitly. She’s selfless. It was that selflessness that created the trust. Selflessness creates trust. #Letr2Jack

5. There are no airs about her. She’s as basic as a piece of pancake. #Letr2Jack

6. No, not American pancake with all its embellishments and retinue of excesses. She’s just a basic person, a good soul. #Letr2Jack

7. She couldn’t even dress well. Her sartorial taste was terrible and passable in equal measure. #Letr2Jack

8. She is a friend, a girlfriend and mother all rolled into one. #Letr2Jack

9. It was to her he turned at the critical juncture of his life. He trusted her with his data and emotions. #Letr2Jack

10. Not that she totally understands him. But she loves him and cares for him. #Letr2Jack

11. Love bridges the gap in understanding. Love understands. #Letr2Jack

12. Relationships are not mathematical equations. It’s why lists hardly work. Who can mathematize emotions? #Letr2Jack

13. But unalloyed love, a good heart, trust and simple devotion form an incredible bond. #Letr2Jack

14. Kindness has a language of its own. It’s the language of the heart. #Letr2Jack

15. Kindness is attractive. She’s kind, he finds her attractive. He loves that heart. #Letr2Jack

16. When asked why her, he had no answer. Language is sometimes at a loss in expressing an understanding of the heart. #Letr2Jack

17. Love is more an essay than a multiple choice question. #Letr2Jack

18. He just knew she’s the right one for him and he had the courage of conviction. Not many do. #Letr2Jack

19. He refused to allow members of his family to pressurize him into regret. They had their candidate. #Letr2Jack

20. They were trying to pair him up with the daughter of one of his dad’s rich friends. She is beautiful. #Letr2Jack

21. Only they didn’t gel on the inside. The whole thing seemed expected and mechanical. #Letr2Jack

22. And the combination was political, aimed more at scoring public relations points for the families. #Letr2Jack

23. Such a combination would have been on the cover of Ovation Magazine. The bride, the groom and of course the parents! #Letr2Jack

24. Putting the pictures on Bella Naija seemed more important to the family than the quality of his happiness. #Letr2Jack

25. There was just something empty and dry in that match up. It felt like a pretty ill-fitting cloth. #Letr2Jack

26. And while he appreciated what that would mean to his mom in her social circle, it would do nothing for him. #Letr2Jack

27. He loved his mum but common sense told him not to go for induced matrimonial unhappiness. #Letr2Jack

28. His father was understanding. He wanted happiness for his son. #Letr2Jack

29. From the stories of his friends he knew the danger of marrying someone you don’t love, someone you don’t want. #Letr2Jack

30. It makes you feel suffocated. You become unhappy. And you feel trapped. #Letr2Jack

31. As per his mum, well, she knew too. Her story is interesting. #Letr2Jack

32. She was from a rich home, her husband was not. But they had this incredible chemistry. She felt he understood her. #Letr2Jack

33. She was matched up with someone herself. Indeed the wedding rites had commenced. #Letr2Jack

34. Being from a West African ancestry, the marriage was in layers of ceremony a European would not understand. #Letr2Jack

35. First came the “introduction.” That’s more like a semi-formal meet and greet between the families. #Letr2Jack

36. It should have been something simple but wealth can make simple things elaborate. #Letr2Jack

37. And so she had a lavish introduction designed to overwhelm the other family and send a message. #Letr2Jack

38. The message was, don’t mess with our daughter. She’s well taken care of and cherished (as you can see). #Letr2Jack

39. After that came the “engagement.” And this is no English engagement. This is Nigerian cultural variety. #Letr2Jack

40. A white classmate of hers was very impressed with the “costumes” worn at the engagement. #Letr2Jack

41. It was a big party. He father was a high chief, her mum also a chief. #Letr2Jack

42. The only problem was, she had misgivings. She wasn’t sure about the match. #Letr2Jack

43. She became afraid, and she couldn’t lay her hand on the issue. She just knew something wasn’t right. #Letr2Jack

44. But then, there was this very intelligent but nice fellow she had met in London. He seemed to be going somewhere. #Letr2Jack

45. They could laugh together to jokes many just didn’t understand. There was just something between them. #Letr2Jack

46. Only problem was she was already English engaged to this other guy. #Letr2Jack

47. Anyway, long story short she pulled the plug on the marriage plans, opted out. #Letr2Jack

48. It was a “big scandal” of course and there were a few expressions of indignation. But she knew they weren’t suited. #Letr2Jack

49. Curiously the guy was relieved after she aborted the ceremonies. He too knew they didn’t gel. Just “packaged” together. #Letr2Jack

50. She had reckoned it is emotionally cheaper to pull out of an engagement than to go into an unhappy marriage. #Letr2Jack

51. Well, that’s the story of his mum and dad. And boy, are they happy together! #Letr2Jack

52. And so his parents understood his reluctance to go into matrimonial gaol. #Letr2Jack

53. A good father does not stand in the way of his son’s happiness. A good father is supportive. #Letr2Jack

54. A good father does not sacrifice the happiness of his child for his public relations stunt. #Letr2Jack

55. And so his father gave his blessing. His mum too. She loves him. He’s her son and he’s a good son. #Letr2Jack

56. Well, they did marry. And he’s been happy ever since. She has this incredible chemistry with his mum. #Letr2Jack

57. Her sartorial taste did improve a little but she remained her basic self – plain pancake. #Letr2Jack

58. He does make fun of her. Tells her she’s lucky to have him. Calls her pancake, as in basic pancake. #Letr2Jack

59. She in turn jokes about what his life would have been married to American pancake. They’re very happy together. #Letr2Jack

60. The quality of heart matters in a relationship. Go for a good heart. #Letr2Jack


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