#Letr2Jack – THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS by Leke Alder

1. My dear Jack, I’m sure you’ve heard about The Seven Deadly Sins. #Letr2Jack

2. They’re the stuff of legend in Hollywood. There’s even a movie with that title, though of a disturbing nature. #Letr2Jack

3. The movie is about a psychopath. (Why do they always have those psychopaths for these things?) #Letr2Jack

4. The seven deadly sins are Solomonic actually. They are the seven abominations. #Letr2Jack

5. Though “The Parson’s Tale” in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as well as artworks like Dante’s Purgatory help illustrate the sins. #Letr2Jack

6. If you want to have a successful marriage you have to be mindful of the seven deadly sins. #Letr2Jack

7. The seven deadly sins are gula (gluttony), fornicatio (fornication), avaritia (avarice)… #Letr2Jack

8. …superbia (pride), tristitia (envy), ira (wrath) and vanagloria (boasting). These are Latinate. #Letr2Jack

9. The first deadly sin is gluttony. You expose yourself through gluttony. It’s a dangerous lack of gastronomical governance. #Letr2Jack

10. You may shorten your lifespan through gluttony. There are health challenges. And when you’re gone the marriage is gone. #Letr2Jack

11. The 2nd deadly sin is fornication. It can expose you to venereal diseases. There’s the possibility of blackmail with adultery.#Letr2Jack

12. Not to talk of the untidiness of having a child out of wedlock. God help you if the lady is of a vicious disposition. #Letr2Jack

13. You’re stuck with that lady for life. And you may lose your marriage. It’s just untidy. You have a lot of explaining to do. #Letr2Jack

14. The third deadly sin is avarice. Avarice is dangerous. The love of money is the root of all evil. Avarice opens you to evil. #Letr2Jack

15. Get out of the rat race, you’re not a rat. #Letr2Jack

16. Trying to be like the Joneses will only get you into trouble. Don’t do what you can’t afford. #Letr2Jack

17. The fourth deadly sin is pride. When there’s pride quarrels can’t be easily settled in a marriage. Ego gets in the way. #Letr2Jack

18. The fifth deadly sin is envy. The envy of spouse is deadly. #Letr2Jack

19. It means you can’t appreciate your spouse, can’t celebrate her accomplishments. #Letr2Jack

20. You’ll be seeking control. She can’t be free to be all she can be. Aspirations will become a problem in the home. #Letr2Jack

21. In a marriage envy can easily develop into hatred. It’s why you run from any notion of it. Hatred grotesques the hater. #Letr2Jack

22. The sixth deadly sin is wrath. Wrath leads to violence. Violence can result in murder. #Letr2Jack

23. There’s the issue of emotional abuse in marriage. It is the very antithesis of marriage. #Letr2Jack

24. The seventh deadly sin is boasting. But love is not boastful or proud. #Letr2Jack

25. By some account there’s an eighth deadly sin and that is dejection. It’s also known as moodiness. #Letr2Jack

26. Moodiness is a dangerous emotion. It shouldn’t be romanced. It is a dark malevolent spirit. #Letr2Jack

27. Moodiness brings darkness to a home, invites the spirit of melancholy and depression. It’s the death of happiness. #Letr2Jack

28. The first thing a melancholic spirit does is exile joy from a marriage. Then depression assumes authority. #Letr2Jack

29. Depression is very dangerous. It’s why we must not joke with moodiness. There are healthier emotional tools. #Letr2Jack

30. Work hard to avoid the seven deadly sins in your marriage, you and your spouse. #Letr2Jack

31. But that eighth deadly sin is also translated sloth in some accounts. It’s acedia in Latin. #Letr2Jack

32. A man can’t afford to be lazy, especially a married man. #Letr2Jack

33. A married man has responsibilities. He must be up and doing trying to earn a keep for his family. #Letr2Jack

34. There are bills to be paid – rent, food, utilities, school fees… There are familial responsibilities as well. #Letr2Jack

35. The idea of a lazy man is dissonant to marriage. The lazy man soon loses respect in marriage. Here are some Solomonics: #Letr2Jack

36. “Poor is he who works with a negligent and idle hand. The hand of the diligent makes him rich.” #Letr2Jack

37. “The sluggard buries his hand in the dish; it wears him out to bring it back to his mouth.” #Letr2Jack

38. “Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys.” #Letr2Jack

39. “The sluggard says, ‘There’s a lion in the road! There’s a lion in the streets.'” (Meaning the lazy man is full of excuses). #Letr2Jack

40. “As a door turns on its hinges, so does a sluggard on his bed.” #Letr2Jack

41. But just as there are seven deadly sins there are also seven classical virtues. They will serve you well in marriage. #Letr2Jack

42. The seven classical virtues are castilas (chastity), temperantia (temperance), liberalitas (generosity)… #Letr2Jack

43. …industria (diligence), patientia (patience), humanitas (kindness), and humilitas (humility). #Letr2Jack

44. You can’t go wrong with the seven classical virtues. They mitigate the seven deadly sins. #Letr2Jack

45. Control your carnal appetite. If you don’t you will become what you never envisaged. You will surprise yourself. #Letr2Jack

46. Control your temperament. A man must have rule over his spirit. You can’t be ruled by emotions. #Letr2Jack

47. Be generous to your spouse. You’re being generous to yourself. Liberality enriches a home. #Letr2Jack

48. Be diligent at your work. This will bring you respect from your family. #Letr2Jack

49. Be patient in marriage. Patience is forbearance and tolerance. #Letr2Jack

50. Be kind to your spouse. Kindness evokes doxological gratitude and expression of appreciation. #Letr2Jack

51. Be humble in marriage. No one is always right. No one knows it all. Marriage is a learning curve. #Letr2Jack

52. The summary of the seven classical virtues is love. Love your spouse. #Letr2Jack

53. Love constrains us, love restrains us, love encourages us, love requires courage. #Letr2Jack

54. You have both embarked on a life journey. Make the journey a pleasant experience. Love one another. #Letr2Jack

55. Marriage is a partnership of the soul. It is two souls in intimacy of the heart. #Letr2Jack

56. Marriage is such a wonderful thing. If only we get “ourselves” out of the way. #Letr2Jack

57. Be sincere with each other. Honesty deals with facts, sincerity is of the heart. #Letr2Jack

58. I look forward to many anniversaries and I wish you both a beautiful and wonderful marriage. #Letr2Jack

59. Your mentor, LA #Letr2Jack © Leke Alder | talk2me@lekealder.com

60. Read, share & download #Letr2Jack – THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS at https://t.co/J2ATLbupRd now.

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